Little Lambdas – What’s in store?


A sneak peek inside a typical Mathematics is Fun! class

In the „Welcome Back“ week of Mathematics is Fun we cover the idea of 3-Dimensional shapes.

Mathematics is introduced as a fun topic through the same motivating explanation of what mathematics is and then we sing and dance together to a song called “Mathematics is Everywhere”.

We distinguish between flat shapes. Circles, Squares, Triangles. And we talk about the fact that shapes need not be flat but indeed use the space around us. This is the third dimension!!

We talk about Balls (rather than spheres!) and cubes (or boxes) and Pyramids.

For the “Dice” craft each Little Lambda is given 6 white square-shaped stickers to represent each side of the dice. Each receives a little cardboard box upon which they are able to apply the stickers (with help from myself and Stefania). The budding mathematicians love this challenge and love the result even more. They can throw the dice around, noticing the different numbers showing up each time, comparing higher and lower numbers with their class mates.

We then introduce a new toy “a Light Panel” which is a very bright large screen upon which transparent items can be placed to create a mini-spectacle for the little ones. There are “boxes” and “balls” and “cones” to build with and to assemble together on the light panel.

Finally, for the activity game, the class is split into two. Two Teams! The Ball Team and the Cone Team. The shapes are put in a bag.  Some music is played and the Little Lambdas dance around till the music stops. Then a shape is selected from the bag. That team needs to describe one property of the shape. It is 3-dimensional, it is round, curved, pointy etc! Then the music and dancing begins again. Repeat – till they have enough 🙂

Afterwards we sit together while some gentle music plays and talk about the favourite and most fun parts of the class and we make a short recap on what we covered that morning.



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