When and Where

Registration is open for “Mathematics is Fun!” autumn 2017. The classes promise to be a fun-filled, creative experience for your little ones. They will have the chance to sing, play, do arts and crafts, having a new mathematical concept each week as a backdrop to the fun. The classes take place in a beautiful and bright 50 square meter room at Lyma learning centre. The aim is for your little ones to absorb the concepts while creating a fun and positive association with this exciting subject.

The autumn programme begins on Sunday, September 10th 2017 (Practical Mathematics) and runs for 5 consecutive weeks.  The classes will continue (Conceptual Mathematics) on November 3rd for a further 5 consecutive Sundays.

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Where: Lyma, Loquaiplatz 12, Top 1, Vienna 1060.  www.lyma.at . We have a beautiful and bright 50 square metre room for our sessions. The parents can come to Lyma and relax with a tea or a coffee while their little ones attend class.