Circles and Snowmen!

Are you decorating a Christmas tree this holiday season? Are your little ones verging on obsessed wondering when the tree will actually arrive? Whether the Christkind brings it on the 24th or you prefer to bring your tree home as early as is humanly possible (like me), this little craft will give you the chance to enjoy this special time together with your little elves ❤

My four year old little elf is at that stage where he is stubborn about his ideas and how he wants to do things, but needs a little nudge to bring them to fruition. We cut out the shapes and decided together how we would make our decorations. He was surprisingly insistent that the snowman should NOT have jewels for buttons and that the present should NOT be wrapped in ribbon. In the end they turned out quite lovely, so I guess his selective “eye for detail” paid off this time! 😀

As I was cutting out the shapes, I talked a little about them and how many sides each has and how when a line standing straight meets a line lying flat, it makes a “right angle”. Needless to say he was more interested in getting the chance to decorate so I didn’t dwell on the geometrical properties for too long! 😀

If you get the chance to make some decorations with your little ones (geometric or otherwise 😉 ), it would be so nice to receive a photo via Instagram or web message. I would love to feature a collage of pics to showcase the creativity of our little “Be Creative, Do Math” community.

I wish everyone a fun holiday and a “nice slide” into the New Year! See you in 2017!!


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