Physics is Fun!

So I was thinking, why should Physics be any less fun than Mathematics? My mind began to wander.. Gravity, light, speed and distance, magnetism, sound.. A kindergartener’s playground! I started to think about these topics through the eyes of my son and realised that, to him, twinkling stars and his magnetic trains were something for grown-ups to understand. But why? This is fascinating for a 4-6 year old! Why not let them in on the secrets in a simple way? I am not a physicist but I have studied Mathematical Physics as part of my degree. I find the laws of physics (those that I have had the chance to understand) awesome. So let me introduce you to the “Physics is Fun!” class. A perfect complement or follow-on to “Mathematics is Fun!”

Class breakdown by session:

  1. Light – All the Colours of the Rainbow
  2. Gravity – Why our feet stay on the ground
  3. How fast, How Far – Speed and Distance
  4. Magnetism – Pull or Push
  5. Sound – Echo and other phenomena

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