These mathematics courses are suitable for children aged 4-6.  The courses are designed to show how fun and interesting mathematics is. The aim is for your kindergartner to  feel excited about this fascinating subject and be eager to learn more.

Each course includes 5 classes. The classes take place once per week and last for 55 minutes.

Each week a new mathematical concept is introduced   The class is structured so that the theme is firstly introduced in a fun way. Then this theme is explored through song, dance, craft and activity games.

The class is lead by Edel and supported by Stefania.

Mini Mu’s – Practical Mathematics (beginning on Sunday, 10th of September)

This course is a fun and exciting way to introduce your little one to the fundamentals of mathematics. Lots of the concepts introduced in this course will be seen by them in their first years in “Big School” 🙂

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Little Lambdas – Conceptual Mathematics! (Beginning on Sunday, 5th of November)

Infinity, the third dimension and probability are just some of the themes played with in this course. These topics are introduced in a fun and thought provoking way.

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