Who I am

Hi, I’m Edel! I am from Ireland but living in Vienna, Austria for almost 10 years.

I am a Mama to one feisty toddler and one spirited preschooler. When I am not being a Mama I work as a business consultant for a big IT firm. I grew up in Cork, Ireland and studied Mathematics in University College Cork. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Pure Mathematics.

When I am not working and not carrying out the duties of mamahood I am thinking of new ways to share my love of mathematics with my children. It is a big hobby of mine, to show them patterns in nature, to help them hear and copy the rhythm in the beating of a drum, to encourage patience when figuring a problem out and showing them how mathematics is actually everywhere.

I have done a lot of thinking these past years about how much fun mathematics can be for these little sponges we call our children 🙂 From all of this thinking an idea was born and and I put together a syllabus to introduce them to the building blocks of mathematics through the medium of FUN!

What is the motivation

At “Be Creative, Do Math” we believe that learning Mathematics has been given a bad rap and we want to put that right!! 🙂

We see mathematics as the science that is most central to the world and all of our lives. It is in the skies above, in the buildings we live and in the nature around us. It is only natural that our little ones long to have an understanding of this core science.

It won’t be the first time you hear your little ones being described as little sponges. And for sure you have witnessed this on many levels and many times during the early years of your child’s life. Sometimes mathematics gets left out in the cold during these golden years. The concepts of Mathematics hide themselves a little bit but once they have been discovered, the fun begins!!!

In “Be Creative, Do Math” the aim is not to get ahead of the game and be able to solve “2.x + 1 = 7” before they enter school. The aim is to give a positive association to your child so when they hear Mathematics, they hear “Challenge, Fun and Creativity”.

Numbers, Counting, simple Arithmetic can be fun activities! At “Be Creative, Do Math” we know that. We use these as a foundation for our fun classes. The cornerstones of algebra are taught through crafts, song and activity games.  Get in touch if you would like some more information or to register interest in an upcoming course.